2017 Mitsubishi Mirage | Boisvert Mitsubishi

At Boisvert Mitsubishi, we offer students the 2017 Mirage starting at only $30 per week!

For a limited time, finance a 2017 Mirage and receive 10 years / 160,000 km limited warranty free of charge.

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The 2017 Mirage, Mitsubishi sub-compact, is available starting at only $30 per week at Boisvert Mitsubishi. Contact us to enjoy this special offer!


Small size, big savings! This charming European-style urban subcompact will allow you to sneak around anything, even the most restricted spaces, without compromising the interior space. It is extremely maneuverable and will let you do sharp turns thanks to its impressive turning radius.



The Mirage maximizes fuel economy with its incredibly low energy consumption. You will be able to drive farther with less frequent stops.


Come on, hit the road!



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