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Welcome to the Service Specials page at Boisvert Mitsubishi. Please have a look at our select seasonal offers below and if you have any questions, please give us a call or Contact Service.


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Tire storage


We know at Boisvert Mitsubishi how much space it takes to store your tires.


This is why we value your loyalty by offering one the cheapest tire storage there is.


For a small amount of $34.95, we will make sure to keep them in the right atmosphere and ready to use as soon as spring comes back.


Contact our service department today to store your tires or to make an appointment.



Bioguard Antirust


We all want our vehicle to look sparkly and shiney.


Plus, we know that our winters and all the salt on the roads can damage our car.


This is why Boisvert Mitsubishi offers you the Complete Bioguard Antirust special just before winter strikes.


Inside your doors, under your car and we mean where it's all needed, top to bottom. Your vehicle will be protected for your peace of mind.


Call us today and have our team take good care of your automobile.


Wheel Alignment


At Boisvert Mitsubishi, we know how much security is important and how we all want to drive with comfort and stability.


Since we are all changing our tires soon, it is time to adjust our aim.


Let us offer you a free alignment if you have your valves check, your tires balanced and added.


For as little as $69.95, let us make sure you experience a better drive and fuel savings.


Contact us today!




Car and SUV floor mat detailing: $59.95

With the help of our special sweeper that can blast hot water and vacuum at the same time and with the addition of a special soap mixture, we can work wonders on your salt-stained floor mats and remove all the Quebec winter abuse.


Debris, dirt and salt deposits, they all become a thing of the past with our Blainville carpet detailing package in Quebec.


Connect with our Boisvert Mitsubishi Detailing Team to arrange your appointment today.


Exterior and interior car and SUV carwash plus waxing: $89.95



    • interior and exterior washing
    • cargo box washing
    • complete high quality exterior waxing
    • acid wheel cleaning.


Our exterior and interior car and SUV carwash

will take care of the inside and outside of your vehicle, as well as the trunk.


Once the carwash is completed, our special wax and shine package will be applied in your vehicle, to restore it to showroom condition.




Complete car and SUV detailing package, starting from $349


Our Boisvert Mitsubishi three step system will give your paintjob a long lasting new shine. It can even improve certain imperfections up to 100% like-new!


This is a well worth investment after our harsh Quebec winters or in case you are considering selling your vehicle.